Take charge of your stretch!


Breakthrough To Physical Freedom.

We invite you to experience a Breakthrough in Bodywork combining the best of both worlds - precise stretching & targeted massage to put you in charge of how you feel. For Bodywork you can believe in try the powerful, subtle, purposeful, precise benefits of AcuStretch. Enjoy your Freedom! -Michael

Our Body like the Potter's clay, the wheel spinning (cycle of the day) and the Potters hands and fingers shaping the clay into new shapes as it Moves.  Insight - Movement shapes us from the inside out. 

Know these Three things before you consider Bodywork 

Your body is uniquely yours and so should your bodywork:

  1. Why has your previous experience of bodywork missed the mark?  No matter how good the therapist, Massage can only address the 3D contours of your body with respect to structure and form which overlooks the impact of daily movements (or inactivity) from your entire life that pushed your body to adapt to its current state.  
  2. Why has Yoga overall had such a positive impact worldwide?  Stretching adds the 4th dimension of movement to form to get you the minimum dimensions needed for any chance at lasting change given the self-organizing intelligence of our anatomy requires dynamic activation -- Movement.  
  3. Why should you try AcuStretch?  Your body is a self-organizing system that lives in four dimensions and so should Your bodywork.  I never set out to create a modality called AcuStretch.  It found me given I had one condition in bodywork:  do only what serves my clients needs with the least investment in tradition, brand or technique - it simply Must work or be set aside - and what I observed works best over thousands of interactions is a precise partnered stretching method combined with targeted massage.   Then I realized it was a new modality and needed a name.  Enjoy a Bodywork Breakthrough that gives you the "Best-of-Both-Worlds"!

Actions speak louder than words

You are always invited to have a screening call, or try a 15 minute session for free!  Contact Michael directly at 5129831999.


Basics 1-2-3

In an AcuStretch partnered stretch session we transform how forces distribute in your body from tension and pain to ease and flow, by disrupting the unwanted actions of ALL your cumulative tension patterns along anatomy lines called Fascial Lines that impair your muscles Function.   Learn to make intentional change in your Body; contracting and releasing tension and pressure under the guidance of your therapist.  Experience the impact of 30 minutes of AcuStretch and gain Body Awareness to manually imprint and reinvent your patterns.  Take your benefits into your daily activity and exercise.   Within minutes feel an incredible sense of flow, ease, awareness and profound relaxation.  

AcuStretch & Origami

As a therapist what we want more than anything is to deliver results to our client in a safe, meaningful, ethical, and integrated way.  Our Origami Program gives us the opportunity over 10 weeks to create an incredible and systematic change.  We fold and unfold, make and remake, work and rework, model and remodel, invent and reinvent until you are Ready for a new level of Physical Freedom.  

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” W.H.Murray

Why is AcuStretch a Breakthrough Modality?

  • We precisely read the distribution of forces in your body so we can choose effectively 
  • We build our equipment to align with the work so we can focus on what matters most
  • We ONLY do what is in the best interest of our client and therefore forgo any brand, technique, tradition to do so.
  • We ask for Feedback within 72 hours on Every Session so we can verify your status.
  • We love your success and hope to see you only as much as you need our support and not more.
Seeing is everything

Seeing is everything

Nothing can ever really be the Same, Be Dynamic 

Nothing can ever really be the Same, Be Dynamic 


Our Mission

We serve our clients using a Bodywork Breakthrough we call AcuStretch; a model of Stretch Therapy and Targeted Massage to rediscover the Physical Freedom that makes life wonderful and put the Body at Ease instead of the Dis-Ease, disuse, and dysfunction that's become common.


What Is AcuStretch

The result of thousands of client interactions and a ruthless mission to scour the Bodywork tradition for Only-what-works-Now.   Your Body was built in an environment where it was contracted and lengthened tens of thousands of times to build your Form, a literal human origami project.  By stretching and contracting your body precisely and methodically we rediscovered that Origami art and access to a Free Flowing Body.   Restore Ease in your Body.  Using pressure points, stretch methods, myofascial release techniques and specialized holistic technology we developed a system of Body-Awareness to help the body re-learn how to flow and undo the reacting, bracing and protecting that creates tension patterns.  Your therapist guides, facilitating the stretch, massage, and treatment with customized sessions.

"Your Body was uniquely designed for you and so should your Stretch Therapy.  Every Session is hands-on and tailored to you. " -Michael

Our Holistic Technology & Sweat Equity

 Our work will always improve.  It's just the ethic of what we do.  And it all happens by showing up to work with 100% commitment to make it so.  It's amazing what happens when you commit to making the world a better place, step by step it unfolds.  The way I got to where we are now is making countless observations of what worked -- and of course what didn't.  By studying the patterns and looking for the patterns within the patterns and then the principles behind those patterns I witnessed the incredible self-organizing intelligence of the body and found a true partner in healing.    No matter how far fetched it seems, our health depends utterly upon how we treat the collective of trillions cells that comprise our Being and no matter how incredible and durable they've proven over millennia we need to understand their Care if we are to better our lives Now.  What I built as innovative methods and technology to assist our therapy is nothing compared to what Our bodies give us everyday as a Home.   Our Body will always tell the truth we just learned to Listen Well. ~Michael

Better yet?

Better yet?

Our Promise  You will experience a new level of self-awareness in your Body considered lost to pain, discomfort and it will be wonderful.  Our Purpose is to fuel Your Purpose and we will provide the rally you need.   


Stretch Myths Top 10

To be clear, the goal in stretching of any sort is not to increase the length of the muscles (impossible) but to retrain the nervous system to allow them to lengthen more without resistance.  This is best accomplished when the muscles being stretched are able to relax, and not supporting the body



Transform your Stretch begnning with $99/mo., 3X30Min Conditions apply

Huh?  Is that Me?

Huh?  Is that Me?


Imagine yourself not image but movement, movement is the reality of

points, lines, space

Mirror Mirror on the Wall 


You are not the image in the mirror - What could be more obvious and more obscured.  "So What?"

Awareness is your real guide in getting to know your Body.  And if Stretch Therapy is to become transformative it is when stretching reveals that you and you alone can "find" your Body connection and it's capabilities.   Suzi Alderete's work to Connect-The-Dots helped us understand the necessity clients SEEING Themselves, not as an idea, but Movement and it's component factors -- to connect to the points and lines in SPACE and the physicality of Anatomy as MOVEMENT.  You are not the image in the mirror, you are the space you inhabit.  Breakthroughs in your tension are possible when you break through to new territories around you.  Your anatomy both allows and limits you to move in prescribed ways within a space and Movement therapists call that Personal space  your kinesphere.  Your Therapist Guides to:

  • Connecting with the forces in play in your body
  • Knowing your physical Shape as the impact of the true story of what's behind the mirror - the sum of forces of history, genetics, injuries, traumas, training, workspace ...so that you can make new choices.
  • Feeling the powerful effects of your E-MOTIONS on your physicality.  
  • Doing something about it:  driving the physicality of  your Movement in a new direction -- AcuStretching is Just a beginning not an end!  

Learning to BE you is easy once you find you.  Seeing yourself is seeing who you are as a Space, not an image.  Stretching is a vehicle to Seeing just that.

Massage accesses the 3D contours of the Body - the relationship to form through structures and systems - like muscle and bones. Stretching takes us into Movement and Action - 4D.   Combining Precise Stretching and Targeted Massage offers a way to enhance the benefits of either approach.  

"the movement impulse is the root of a thinking, feeling, acting human being" ~Bartenieff



Stretch Myth Top 10

Stretching is not "Stretching Muscles" - We can say this over and over again before it makes sense.  ALL the tension in your body begins as a Memory, a Space of Pre-Tension, if it wasn't there you would simply fall down every morning into a puddle against the pull of gravity.  That Pre-Tension tells you "Who you Are" physically.  When you wake up in the morning you Suit Up into that Tension pattern. How do we Expand your Physical Freedom?  Not by taking away your tension, instead by getting your body to do what it does best - to Adapt to a new more functional tension pattern.  AcuStretch is a way to drive the Adaptation towards your Natural state of Ease - Poised.


We offer Precise Assisted Stretch and Fascial Training to release the damage of stress from Your Body and Replace it With Ease that can only be described as Phyiscal Freedom.

— Michael Parrish



Tell us about your needs and considering hearing from a previous client how AcuStretch Served them.  Our AcuStretch Therapists are committed to the highest degree of skill and professionalism.

Human Origami is the most elaborate art!

Human Origami is the most elaborate art!





Our Session ethic flows from an experience of what serves our clients most deeply with these 4 themes always in play - Mobility, Power, Stillness, and Transformation. To embody your Physical Freedom You need All the Above and so as Holistic Practitioners we seek to support that growth.